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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What about laser surgery to correct my vision?

Laser vision correction is available for both nearsighted and farsighted patients. The surgery is performed by an Ophthalmologist and often working in conjunction with an optometrist for pre and post care. Our practice can provide more information regarding the benefits and risks associated with laser vision correction.

  • I have astigmatism, am I a candidate for contact lenses?

Lenses that correct astigmatism are available in both soft and hard lenses and are now available in a disposable wearing schedule.

  • What insurances do you accept?

Insurances accepted include: Avesis, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of AZ, EyeMed, Medicare Part B, Superior Vision, Humana VCP, Health Net, & most VSP plans.  Please provide our office with your insurance information at least 24 hours prior to your appointment time; if we cannot verify coverage and benefits prior to your examination you will be expected to pay in full for the exam.

  • I can’t afford a full year’s supply of contact right now, but I don’t want to miss out on the manufactur’s rebate, do you offer payment plans?

We do not offer a payment plan, however we do participate with a program called “Care Credit.” Care Credit offers our patients the ability to buy their contacts and pay off the balance within six months without interest.

  • Will I still need glasses if I wear contact lenses?

Contact lenses may be worn most of the day and some lenses may even be slept in. Although you have the convenience of not needing your glasses to see, a pair of glasses should be available for times when you may not feel like wearing your lenses. Other reasons for having a pair of glasses are if you tear a lens, seasonal allergies that may affect your ability to wear your lenses or if you are traveling and lose a lens. Glasses are also a fashion accessory.

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